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Nine-month-old Aleacia was last seen in Phoenix, Arizona on December 19, 1994. Aleacia's mother, Toni L. Stancil reported Aleacia missing three months later in March of 1995.

Toni (who was an Air Force veteran) was involved in drugs and prostitution in 1994. She claimed that she left Aleacia in the care of an African-American woman named Dee in the area of North 12th Avenue and East Van Buren Street.

Three or four days later, Toni returned to the area where she knew Dee would most likely be, but she couldn't find her. She said she never saw Aleacia or Dee again.

In December of 1995, Toni was murdered when she was 37 years old. Her body was found behind the old Ruth and Hartley Barker building near 16th Street and Polk.

Toni's murder remains unsolved and since Toni was the only witness to Aleacia's presumed abduction, authorities were unable to proceed with the investigation and the case grew cold.

Nearly 2 decades later, an unidentified woman appeared in a Connecticut hospital. The nurse grew suspicious, contacted the police, and in 2018, she had been identified as Aleacia Stancil.

She had simply been adopted by several people and at one point was handed to protective services.

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