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Five-year-old Alexandria was last seen playing outside of her family's residence in Radcliff, Kentucky on October 23, 1989 and has never been seen again.

A missing child report was filed by her family three days later on October 26, 1989. Authorities initially believed that she had either been abducted or had wandered off and fallen into one of the many area's sinkholes.

Alexandria's father and stepmother, Thomas and Roxanne Suleski moved to Los Angeles, California after her disappearance. In 1993, they were arrested. They were initially charged only with making false statements about Alexandria's disappearance, but they were later charged with abusing, kidnapping and murdering the child.

Alexandria's teenage stepsister, Nyssa Bruno testified that Alexandria was regularly abused by Roxanne prior to her 1989 disappearance. She also stated that she witnessed Roxanne place Alexandria inside of two large plastic trash bags and made her stay there all day as punishment for her soiling herself on October 23, 1989 (three days before the family filed a missing person report).

Roxanne then began to abuse another of her stepchildren while Alexandria was confined. She discovered that Alexandria was deceased the following morning and tried to revive her using medical resuscitation techniques, but failed. Thomas allegedly buried Alexandria's body in the woods in Otter Creek Park in Meade County, Kentucky.

Nyssa spoke to her stepfather about Alexandria's death while wearing a wire; Thomas was recorded saying he had dug up his daughter's body some time after burying it and had destroyed it.

Thomas and Roxanne maintained their innocence, but were convicted of all charges in 1994 and sentenced to life with no chance of parole for 25 years and they could have gotten the death penalty. The Suleskis' defense attorneys petitioned the court to set their sentences aside in early 2001, but the requests were denied.

Alexandria has never been located. Her nickname is Alex and she has a blue discoloration on the base of her spine.  She was last seen wearing a white blouse, blue denim skirt, and white or cream-colored tennis shoes.