Reale alexia

Five-year-old Alexia lived with her mother and stepfather, Barbara and Larry Carrasco, and her older sister in Elk Grove, California in 1997.

Alexia's sister told authorities that their family life had been relatively normal until February of 1997 when Larry suddenly stopped working and he & Barbara began speaking about demons and vampires inhabiting both Alexia and her sister. It was later learned that Larry and Barbara were using methamphetamine at the time, causing them both to behave irrationally.

Alexia's sister said that physical and mental abuse started in their household during the winter of 1997. She claimed that Barbara intentionally burned Alexia on the back of one of her feet with a cigarette lighter, among other abusive incidents. She also stated that Larry and Barbara forced her and Alexia to drink beverages mixed with bleach in late May of 1997. This was apparently an effort to "cleanse" the children of their supposed possessions.

Alexia's sister said that they were instructed to drink the concoction for 8 consecutive days. She stated that she last saw Alexia lying motionless on the floor of the family's residence sometime around June 1, 1997. Barbara was standing next to Alexia, who was apparently pale and appeared to be deceased.

According to Alexia's sister, Barbara attempted CPR efforts before realizing that Alexia was dead. She told investigators that Larry and Barbara dismembered Alexia's body in a closet with a pruning saw shortly after her death. She stated that her remains were then incinerated in the family's fireplace and tossed into the Sacramento River along with the tools used in the dismemberment.

Alexia's sister admitted that she initially lied to authorities when they began investigating Alexia's disappearance during the summer of 1997. She told the police that Alexia was living with her biological father in Illinois.

Alexia's sister was apparently instructed by Larry and Barbara on what to tell authorities should questions about Alexia's whereabouts surface. The abuse patterns were discovered when one of Alexia's sisters' teachers noticed chemical burns on the girl's body after the school year began in the fall of 1997.

Alexia's sister then told authorities that Larry had doused her with bleach in another effort to "exorcise" her demons. The truth about Alexia's disappearance was then uncovered as her sister told the entire story to investigators.

Larry and Barbara were convicted of Reale's murder and additional child abuse charges in 2000. Larry is currently serving a 40-year-to-life prison sentence, while Barbara is serving 15 years to life.

Alexia's remains have never been located.

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