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3-year-old Alicia was last seen in Pomona, California on May 7, 2000. Her mother, Simona Denise Demery stated she took her two children to Ganesha Park and Alicia wandered away at 12:45 p.m., while Simona was reading on a park bench.

However, Alicia's twin sister stated that Simona "took Sissy and wrapped Sissy in a jacket and put her in the drain."

Simona and her live-in boyfriend, Jeffery Jones were charged with endangering Alicia and her sister after Alicia disappeared; authorities stated conditions in their home were "appalling."

Their apartment was filthy and had exposed electrical wires, animal feces on the floor and marijuana near where the children slept. There was no potable water, and only half a jar of peanut butter for food.

Simona gave birth to another child while incarcerated on the endangerment charge and the infant was taken from her custody immediately afterward.

Shortly after their arrests, Simona and Jeffery were additionally charged with second-degree murder, corporal injury to a child, felony child abuse and conspiracy in connection with Alicia's disappearance. Authorities conducted numerous searches for her body, but turned up no evidence.

In July of 2001, both defendants were convicted of all charges and sentenced to 33 years to life in prison each. They appealed their convictions, but the appeals were denied in 2002.

Alicia's remains have never been located, but foul play is suspected in her case due to the circumstances involved.

Alicia has brown hair, brown eyes, and her hair was in a ponytail at the time of her disappearance. She was last seen wearing a gray sweatshirt, a white t-shirt, gray sweatpants and pink & white Nike sneakers.