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Fifteen-year-old Alicia's mother had custody of her in 1987 and they resided in Windber, Pennsylvania. She was visiting her father at his home in the 100 block of Dunn Avenue in Blairsville, Pennsylvania on April 26, 1987. 

Alicia and her father had an argument that evening. Her father told the authorities that she walked out of his home abruptly and never looked back towards the house. He called after Alicia and told her to return home by 8:00 p.m. He believed she was going to a friend's house.

Alicia has never been heard from again. She was carrying a pair of purple sunglasses at the time of her disappearance. Her father reported her missing the next day. Her case is classified with many law enforcement agencies as that of an endangered runaway, but some investigators believe she may have not intended to leave voluntarily for an extended period of time and could have become a victim of foul play.

Alicia's mother stated that she wasn't streetwise in 1987 and couldn't have survived on her own. Authorities don't have any suspects in her case; neither have they ruled anyone out. There were no leads in her disappearance until October of 2000, over 13 years since Alicia was last seen. Her father received an anonymous letter at his home which detailed his daughter's possible murder and burial location in Pennsylvania. The letter was postmarked from New Bedford, New Hampshire.

Authorities traveled to New Bedford and questioned the person whose name was written on the return address of the envelope. The unidentified individual had no knowledge of Alicia's case, nor was he or she familiar with the Blairsville, Pennsylvania area. The person is not believed to have been the author of the letter.

Investigators searched an area identified in the note as Alicia's burial location in late 2000. Authorities will not specify where the search took place, but did state that the region was along the Conemaugh River outside of Blairsville. No evidence was discovered during the initial search, and investigators concluded that the letter was a hoax.

Alicia's mother believes that her daughter was deliberately murdered and she thinks she knows who the killer is, but the individual has not been named as a suspect or charged in her case.

Alicia was a freshman at Windber High School at the time of her disappearance; she was a good student and a member of the school's track team. There has been no activity on her bank account or Social Security number since 1987. Her case remains unsolved.


Alicia has brown hair & blue eyes and pierced ears. She was last seen wearing a white crop top with three stripes colored red, yellow & blue, jeans, and white sneakers.