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Thirteen-year-old Andrea was last seen at her family's apartment (which she shared with her mom and older sister) in Fort Walton Beach, Florida on February 1, 1990. Her mom and sister left, asking Andrea to vacuum while they were gone.

When they returned two hours later, the apartment door was unlocked with no signs of forced entry. Andrea's purse, clothes, makeup, and other personal belongings were inside the house, undisturbed and the vacuum cleaner was standing upright in the living room. She has not been seen since.

Her case was considered a runaway or possible non-family abduction, but now they believe there were other forces involved in her disappearance.

Andrea had to change schools and move to a new apartment which upsetted her and investigators think it was part of the reason she ran away. She had gotten in trouble with the law acting as a lookout for other kids while they stole money out of vehicles from a restaurant parking lot. Andrea was given community service for her role in the crime and her older sister said she wasn't worried about it.

Police investigated the possibility that Andrea's disappearance was connected to Mark Riebe and William Alex Wells III, who are suspected of kidnapping and murdering a woman from Santa Rosa, Florida in 1989 (a year before Andrea vanished) but so far, there's no link between them and Andrea, but the possibility hasn't been ruled out.

Investigators believe that Andrea remained in the area for a short time after her disappearance, but if she was on the streets, she probably didn't survive long. Rumors have speculated about her disappearance, but none have been confirmed.

Andrea's mother moved to Santa Cruz, California in 1999 and later to Reno, Nevada.

Andrea's case is unsolved and she remains missing. She was last seen wearing a white shirt, faded black jeans and white sneakers. She had pierced ears. She attended Prior Middle School in 1990 and was a good student.

At the time of her disappearance, Andrea's hobbies were camping, tennis, dancing and going to the beach. She was also very spiritual from a young age. She hasn't contacted her family or friends since she vanished and her family believes that she never ran away.