Four-year-old Andrew went missing from Webster, Massachusetts in 1978 on September 30th. He was last seen playing with his six-year-old cousin and seven-year-old sister. Andrew fell dropping a favorite toy as they were walking along a wooded path near their home at the Ash St. Trailer Park.

Andrew's cousin went to get help after Andrew fell and when she returned he was gone. The path they were on led to Rt. 52 now Rt. 395 which goes to Connecticut. Also Rhode Island is only 10 to 15 minutes away as well. Police have recently been excavating under a very long line of power lines in Rhode Island for Andrew's remains based on statements. Also according to what the lead investigator told me his parents are still very involved in the case. Also, when I asked; Nathaniel Bar-Jona had been ruled out in this case he said that no one had been ruled out.

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