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Nine-year-old Anthonette was last seen at her home in Gallup, New Mexico on April 6, 1986. Her sister says that Anthonette opened the door after an unidentified male knocked at the door around 3:00 in the morning who claimed to be their "Uncle Joe," abducted Anthonette and forced her into a vehicle.

Anthonette hasn't been seen since. Police questioned her uncle after she disappeared, but he wasn't considered a suspect or involved in her abduction.

Days after Anthonette disappeared, there were sightings of her allegedly in a restaurant with a man and she kept dropping her fork. After Anthonette and the man left, there was a note from her asking for help and the police, but it's not confirmed if the girl in the restaurant was Anthonette.

Anthonette's mom met a Native American medicine woman after her daughter's disappearance and the woman claimed that Anthonette was alive & being held against her will somewhere in the Southwestern United States & that she might've given birth to a child in the years following her disapperance.

The police suspect foul play and that Anthonette might be deceased.

Anthonette was wearing a knee-length pink nightgown on the day of her disapperance. She has dark-colored moles on her right cheek, nose, back and one of her ankles. She also has pierced ears and scars on her knee and lip.

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