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Three-month-old April was last seen in Washington, D.C. on December 3, 1983.

She and her mother, Eleanor Marie Williams were enroute by bus from Suffolk, Virginia to see Eleanor's boyfriend in Kansas when they had a three-hour layover a Trailways station in Washington.

A woman that Eleanor didn't know asked to hold the baby. Still holding the baby, the woman left and walked in the direction of a nearby Hardee's restaurant, ostensibly to get a soda. The woman never returned and she and April have never been seen again.

April's abductor is described as an African-American woman in her 20s and 5'3 tall with red, braided hair. She used the first name "Latoya." Investigators believe whoever kidnapped April probably wanted to raise her as their own child. Her case remains unsolved.

April has black hair, black eyes and a 1-inch birthmark on her right wrist. Her nickname is Niki. She was last seen wearing a blue sleeper with a red number 1 on the left side of the front and a pink and white hooded snowsuit.