Bianca at the time of her disappearance.

Two-year-old Bianca Lily Jones was taken when her father was car jacked one morning in Detroit, Michigan on December 2, 2011. She is an African American girl with black hair and brown eyes. Her hair was in two braided ponytails and multi-color beads were woven into her hair. His 2004 Silver Grand Marquis was located a short time later. Her car seat was still in there, but there was no Bianca. She is believed to be in extreme danger. The suspect is described as a 6'0,190lbs black male with medium skin tone and facial hair. She has a dimple on her left cheek, a nickel-sized birthmark on her lower back, and a scar on the bottom of her left foot.

The sketch of the suspect.

A composite of the suspect has been released. A reward has been issued in this case of $15,000 and an addition $2,500 dollars from crime stoppers. Please contact 313-596-2555 if you have any info on her whereabouts.

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