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One-year-old Bianca was last seen on April 7, 1995 in Baytown, Texas. She was abducted by her non-custodial father, Juan Antonio Lozano, Jr. He picked up Bianca from her mother, Deana Ann Hebert's house for what was supposed to be a weekend visit and never brought her back.

An FBI warrant for unlawful flight to avoid prosecution was issued for Juan on September 18, 1995 and a warrant for his arrest for charges of interfering with child custody.

Deana sued Juan's parents: Juan Antonio Lozano, Sr. and Blanca Suarez Lozano; and his three siblings: Monica I. Lozano, Eduardo A. "Alex" Lozano and Sandra Lozano Warner, alleging that they are helping Juan hide Bianca. They all deny helping Juan and disclaim any knowledge of where Juan Jr. is.

Juan Jr. initially went to his parents' home after picking Bianca up for the visitation which has been agreed upon by all parties. Juan's parents and siblings Alex & Monica (who lived with their parents) say that Juan Jr. & Bianca disappeared without notifying anybody of their plans. Juan later called to say that he and Bianca were fine, but they wouldn't be coming back home.

Police say that the Lozanos were uncooperative in the investigations of Bianca and Juan Jr.'s disappearances. Later, Monica, Alex and Blanca admitted to removing and destroying missing person posters of Bianca which had been distributed to business owners in the Baytown area. They told the business owners that Deana abused Bianca and tried to convince them to take the fliers down. Juan Jr. alleged that Bianca was being abused by Deana, but a family court judge found his accusations to be without merit.

In August of 1995, Deana got an injunction ordering the Lozanos not to take down any more posters. The lawsuits against Juan Sr. and Warner were dismissed due to lack of evidence, but Monica, Alex, and Blanca were still named. They utilized their 5th Amendment rights against self-incrimination during the court proceedings.

A jury found in favor of Deana and awarded her $2.2 million, but the verdict was overturned on appeal and a court declared that there wasn't any evidence that any member of the Lozano family had assisted Juan Jr. in his flight.

Deana is now remarried, still lives in Baytown and has another child, but has never stopped looking for Bianca.

Police believe that Juan Jr. took Bianca to Latin America, possibly Mexico. Juan Jr. is a Mexican citizen and registered Bianca to be one when she was born. Juan Jr. has many extended family members, including his grandmother, who lives in Monterrey, Mexico.

In December of 2008, Deana found that Bianca was enrolled at a school in Monterrey, but her whereabouts are unknown and her case remains unsolved.

Bianca has pierced ears and a light-brown oval-shaped birthmark on her right shoulder blade and her back.