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Thirteen-year-old Brandy was last seen selling items door to door for a school fundraiser with her friend in Phoenix, Arizona on May 26, 1992. Brandy's friend went inside a grocery store and Brandy waited in the store's parking lot. When her friend came back, Brandy was gone and hasn't been seen since.

Police think that Brandy was abducted by a non-family member. Brandy is described as a very trusting, naïve teenager. Brandy's mother believes that she was attacked by someone Brandy knew. Brandy's mother has since moved away from Phoenix, but continues to be active in the search for her daughter.

Brandy was wearing a green t-shirt, denim skirt, white socks, and pink high-top sneakers during the day of her disappearance. She wears glasses, has pierced ears, scars on her upper left knee and one of her cheeks, and has an oval-shaped strawberry birthmark. Brandy was diagnosed with brain damage.

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