11-year-old Charles or Arlin as his loved ones call him went missing from Moscow Mills, Missouri on July
25, 1991 while riding his bike. A man confessed to killing Arlin, but police found that he was lying and only 13 at the time of Arlin's abduction. The only other person of interest is Michael Devlin, abductor of Ben Ownby and Shawn Hornbeck. Arlin's bike was found in a bean field and still in police custody as there are unknown prints on the frame police would like to identify. At a press conference tomorrow the FBI is set announce a new reward in this case the will also show a new age progression of Arlin. His parents will be in attendance at the press conference. Let's hope the reward get's people talking about this case again and maybe brings someone forward with answers for the Henderson's. Arlin's Facebook page/ Arlin's Charley Project page/A brand new article about Arlin.

His case is also classified as an Endangered Missing juvenile.

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