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In 1986, two-year-old Cherie Nicole Barnes was in the custody of her mother, Elizabeth "Sissy" Turek Vasser and her stepfather, Larry Vasser. They moved from Nashville, Tennessee to St. Louis, Missouri during that same year.

On December 1, 1986, Cherie and Elizabeth disappeared. Two months later, Elizabeth's body was discovered in the Mississippi River as the victim of a homicide; however, there was no trace of Cherie at the crime scene.

Elizabeth's body remained unidentified for seven years until family members reported her and Cherie missing to the police. The police are aware that Elizabeth worked as a prostitute for her husband on Independence Avenue in St. Louis. Cherie was reportedly seen on January 7, 1987 with Larry in Kansas City, Missouri, but she disappeared from that location and hasn't been seen since.

Investigators located Larry, who was incarcerated for armed robbery in the mid-1990s. Larry told the police that he knew where Cherie was and that she was being cared for by family members living under another name in the Kansas City area. Cherie might not even know that she is a missing child. At one point, Larry offered to give Elizabeth's mothers photos of Cherie and a recording of her voice if she paid him $500.

Cherie was supposed to stay in the custody of her other relatives after her mother's death. Due to the circumstances in her case, it is classified as a non-family abduction despite her stepfather claiming to know her whereabouts. As of 2020, her case remains unsolved.


Cherie is biracial; she is of African-American\Caucasian descent with brown eyes and brown hair. It's unknown what her height and weight are.

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