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Six-year-old Chris and his 24-year-old mother, Lesa were last seen on July 9, 1987 in Pomona, California. They visited Lesa's brother in Pomona that day and then went shopping with their friend before dropping the friend off.

Chris and Lesa were going to go to the Slater Bros. market on Riverside Drive and Yorba Avenue in Chino, California; they lived with Lesa's boyfriend at an apartment on Yorba Avenue. They were supposed to be home by 6:00 or 7:00 p.m., but they never came home & haven't been seen since.

On September 9, 1987 (two months after Chris and Lesa went missing), Lesa's 1987 Toyota Tercel with temporary license plates was found abandoned in downtown San Diego, California; the car's stereo & speakers were missing, there were no fingerprints on the car and no indications of a struggle.

At the time she went missing, Lesa worked as dental assistant in Pomona and never picked up her last paycheck. She has no history of leaving without warning and never accessed her bank account after her disappearance. She & Chris are considered missing under suspicious circumstances.

As of 2019, Chris and Lesa's disappearances remain unsolved.


Chris is described as an African-American male with black hair & brown eyes, is 4'2 and 90 pounds. He has a raised, spotted birthmark on his right wrist. He suffers from a seizure disorder and requires medication to control it.

Lesa Cunningham is described as an African-American female with brown hair & brown eyes, is 5'6 & 120 pounds. She has a gap between her upper front teeth and has burn scars on her neck & one of her thighs. She was last seen wearing a white smock and pants. Lesa suffered from depression throughout her life and attempted suicide as a teenager.

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