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Six-year-old Christie was last seen walking to Jackson Elementary School in Medford, Oregon on December 14, 1978. She was placed in a foster home after she told authorities that her father, Kenneth Ray Farni was physically abusing her.

Christie testified before a grand jury regarding her allegations on that same day. She had only been living with her foster family for only 3 days prior to her disappearance.

Allegedly, Christie's school called her foster parents at 1:30pm that day and told them that she never never made it to school, but the police wasn't called until after 4:00pm.

Christie's father and stepmother cooperated with the investigation into her disappearance. Her mother died in a motorcycle accident in 1977 and Kenneth moved to California sometime after Christie went missing. Kenneth was killed in a car accident in 1994.

Christie's half-brother resided with their father in 1978 and the police hoped that he could provide them with information related to her case, but he committed suicide before he could be questioned by investigators.

Christie's surviving family members believe that her foster parents were involved in her disappearance, but there isn't any evidence to support it. Her disappearance remains unsolved and she has never been located. 

Christie has a burn scar on her chest and she has pierced ears. 

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