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Three-year-old Christopher and his 1-year-old sister, Lisa were abducted by their non-custodial mother, Susan Elizabeth Zaharias.

Susan had been married to the children's father, Louis Zaharias for 6 years and their relationship had many problems. Louis stated that Susan was abusing cocaine and was behaving "recklessly."

On the morning of November 20, 1987, the couple had a serious verbal argument and Louis left the house to cool off. Later that day, while he was at work, Susan left with the children. Her relatives may have helped her in her flight.

A felony warrant for crimes against persons was issued for Susan on February 17, 1988 and she also has a warrant out for her arrest for custodial interference.

Lisa, Christopher and Susan were known to have stayed with a family in Pennsylvania for a time after the children's abductions and they were sighted in Detroit, Michigan in 1988. There have been reported sightings of Susan alone in Michigan and Oklahoma, but their current whereabouts are unknown.

Christopher, Lisa and Susan may be traveling in a black 1986 Toyota 4-Runner with the license plate number 2X85442.

Susan's parents live in in Oklahoma and she may be in that state; other relatives live in California and Pennsylvania.

Susan could also be in Sarina, Michigan, Lake Elsinore, California, Orange County, California, northern California or Canada. The children's cases remain unsolved.

Susan Zaharias, the children's mother

Susan Zaharias has blonde hair and brown eyes. Her maiden name is Gammill and some agencies refer to her as Susan Zaharias-Gammill. She could also use the last name Nosal. She has a small scar on her upper lip and keloid scarring on her abdomen.

According to her ex-husband, Susan was addicted to cocaine and crystal methamphetamine in 1987. She has a heart condition that requires that she be given antibiotics before any dental procedure.

Christopher and Lisa have blonde hair and blue eyes. Christopher's nickname is Chris.