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==Circumstances of Dissapearence==
Curtis was last seen playing in the backyard of his neighbor's home in the 300th block of 15th Avenue north in Nampa, Idaho on November 15, 1980. He dissapeared from the yard and has not been seen or [[File:Aisenberg_sabrina2.jpg|thumb|Photograph of Curtis ]]heard from since. Authories initially believe Curtis fallen into the nearby indian creek, but his body was never found. It is possible that Curtis was taken from the yard by a non - family member. Few details are available in his case, which are classified as a non family abduction.
==Vitual Statics==
Curtis is a Caucasian male. Curtis has blonde hair, green eyes. He has a half - inch scar under his chin and a three- inch scar on his back. Curtis's nickname is Mack. He was born on September 2, 1978. He was 2 years old when he dissapeared. His Height And Weight is 2'0, 35 pounds.
==Clothing worn at time of dissapearence==
*'''A blue hooded Sweater'''
*'''Blue Pants'''
*'''Brown Boots'''


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