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Six-year-old Cynthia M. Britto was last seen with her mother, Wendy Camp and Wendy's sister-in-law, Lisa Kregear on May 29, 1992 in Chandler, Oklahoma.

Wendy had gotten visitation rights to see her young son. She, Lisa and Cynthia went to visit him at his father's home in Shamrock, Oklahoma that day. Wendy hadn't seen her son for several months prior to the visit.

Wendy's husband told authorities that she called him from a payphone in Shamrock at 5:00pm, saying the visit had gone well and were on their way home from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Wendy's former mother-in-law, Beverly Noe was supposed to provide transportation in her 1983 Audi car because Wendy had no other means of transportation.

Beverly stated that she and Wendy had an argument in the car and she asked her, Lisa & Cynthia to get out of the car at a Walmart store in Chandler, Oklahoma at 6:00pm. They never made it home and haven't been seen since.

Wendy's husband reported Wendy, Lisa, and Cynthia's disappearances to the Oklahoma Police Department at 10:30pm and filed reports with the Bristow, Oklahoma police where Beverly resided. He said that he could think of no reason why his wife and sister would want to disappear voluntarily with Cynthia and said that Wendy always informed her family about her whereabouts.

He was concerned about Wendy's safety and insisted that Lisa accompanied her and Cynthia when they went to visit Wendy's son.

Beverly and her relatives stated they had no idea Wendy, Cynthia, and Lisa did not make it home until the Bristol police officials notified them.

Foul play is suspected all three of the cases and nobody besides Beverly had seen Lisa, Cynthia and Wendy on the day they went missing in Chandler.

Cynthia was last seen wearing a pink sweater or sweatshirt, a blue & black striped shirt, light blue corduroy pants and sneakers.

Lisa was last seen wearing a yellow & white striped shirt, acid-washed jeans, black ankle boots, and yellow earrings. She has a history of drug abuse.

Wendy was last seen wearing a bright red t-shirt and white Reebok sneakers. She suffers from multiple sclerosis, is partially paralyzed, and walks with a limp as a result of it.

She was supposed to take steroid medication 8 times a day to control her medical condition, but she did not have it with her when she disappeared. If Wendy is without her medication for longer than a few days, she will lapse into a coma and die.

By 1992, Wendy's condition was already worsening.