from his Facebook group:

Daniel was 13 when he vanished from Palmwoods, on the Sunshine Coast hinterland north of Brisbane, on the afternoon of December 7, 2003. He had planned to catch a bus on Nambour Connection Road to go shopping at Maroochydore and has not been seen since.

Also from his Facebook page:

D.O.B: 19 December 1989

Height: 150 cm Complexion: Fair Eye Colour: Blue Hair Colour: Dark Brown

Please note the CM is because they don't use the same unit of measure we do in the US. TY to the folks who put his Facebook together for the info.

1 000 000 people in the search for Daniel Morcombe

In August 2011 Brett Peter Cowan, a former Sunshine Coast resident, was charged with Morcombe's murder. In the same month, DNA tests confirmed bones found in an area being searched by the SES under the guidance of the police were Morcombe's.

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