One month after Dylan Redwine vanished from his father's home at Vallecito Lake, a full contingent of investigators is still working the case and his family is still begging for his return, or for someone to tell them what happened to the 13-year-old. "Someone's got him, and they can't keep him out of sight forever," said his aunt Lia Howard of Denver. "We just hope we can find what speaks to that person."

So far, a reward of $11,000 hasn't leveraged any solid leads. He has been missing from Vallecito, Colorado since November 19, 2012. His height is 5' and his weight is 105lbs with blue eyes and blond hair. Please call in tips to the La Plata County Sheriff's Office at 970-385-2900. Few details are available in his case. As of 2020, it remains unsolved.

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