Elizabeth was violently abducted by her boyfriend's father. The abduction from a parking lot was caught on surveillance video. She was taken from Lubbock,TX on Jan 5,2011. She is a white female 5'3" and 135lbs. Elizabeth is just 15. She is without her mental health meds and a warm coat. The boyfriend's father Humberto Salinas Jr. has been arrested,but, it is still unknown where Elizabeth is. Salinas was seen both taking her into a room at the Carriage House hotel where she had been babysitting in another room. Then was later seen taking her from the scene. Police say she appeared to be very frightened of Salinas. He needs to tell police where she is so she can be brought home to her family. Police have released the video of the abduction to the public. Her case will be on Nancy Grace tonight.
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SAD UPDATE: It was announced on Nancy Grace last night that a body believed to be Elizabeth was found just 12 miles from where she was abducted from. I would also like to correct my earlier post. The abductor's son was not her boyfriend as first reported. Elizabeth had a crush on him. She was sitting for the abductor's (Salinas) common law wife so she could go to Bingo with her sister. The common law wife has been known to Elizabeth's mom since the woman was 15 according to the mom's sister who was on Nancy Grace last night. She also stated that Elizabeth's mom is sedated and beside herself understandably. Please pray for her at this horrible time.

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