Thirteen-year-old Lilly was last seen heading to meet friends in North San Juan, California on September 26, 1992. She had an argument with her mother, Rachel Wind, and a family friend picked her up outside a Mother Truckers store on San Juan Ridge. She was never heard from again.

In the first five months after Lilly vanished, Rachel received two collect calls from someone identifying herself as Lilly. Both times the caller hung up before Rachel could speak to her. It has not been confirmed that the caller was her daughter.

Lilly had a troubled family life prior to her disappearance. Rachel had separated from Lilly's father, who was abusive. She got involved with another man and had a son, Toby, by him, but she was going to separate from Toby's father in September of 1992. Rachel stated that Lilly disliked Toby's father.

Reportedly, Lilly was sexually involved with a local 29-year-old man at the time she went missing and there were rumors that she was pregnant when she vanished, but these have not been confirmed. Rachel believes the man (who has not been publicly identified) was involved in Lilly's disappearance. He has been arrested numerous times, but not for violent or drug-related offenses.

Numerous rumors have circulated about Lilly's disappearance and where she may be now, but none have been substantiated. Her fingerprints have been entered into a law enforcement database encompassing most of the West Coast and nothing came of it; she apparently has not been arrested or found as an unidentified deceased person since her disappearance.

Lilly is believed to have left of her own accord, at least initially, and may have been in the company of an adult male after her disappearance. She enjoyed drawing and writing poetry in 1992. She was in the eighth grade and wanted to be a model when she grew up. Her case remains unsolved.

Lilly has blonde hair & blue eyes, but she may dye her hair black. She has pierced ears and a scar on her chin. At the time of her disappearance, she looked several years older than her actual age. Lilly was last seen wearing a black dress with an imprinted rose design, brown sandals, a shell necklace and a silver nose ring. She might have been pregnant at the time of her disappearance, but this has not been confirmed.

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