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Four-year-old Emily was last seen on April 1, 1988 in Toledo, Ohio and hasn't been seen since.

Emily is believed to be with her non-custodial mother, Carol Sinkey Sawyer. Her father, Daniel Sawyer has custody of her.

In 1985, Carol and Daniel divorced and Daniel remarried. Later, Carol told the family court that Daniel had molested Emily and wanted his visitation rights revoked.

After a 7-month investigation, there was no evidence to support Carol's accusations. Emily and Carol disappeared the day before the judge was supposed to give custody of Emily to Daniel.

Daniel sued Carol's parents, John and Marian Sinkey, alleging that they helped hide Emily and they know where she is, but they deny it. When the case came to trial, Daniel lost and the Sinkey's petitioned for custody of Emily after she was abducted, but the petition was denied and custody was given to Daniel.

Emily and Carol might be being assisted by a controversial group called Children of the Underground, which was founded by Faye Yager and helps hide women & children who claim to have been abused.

Faye Yager admits to have helped Carol and Emily after their disappearance. One of the workers for the Children of the Underground claims that Carol is employed as a physical therapist and doing well with Emily.

Lucas County, Ohio has issued a minor warrant for Emily's return, but there are no warrants filed for Carol. Emily and Carol may be moving around the country frequently to avoid detection and using assumed names.

Daniel Sawyer is no longer actively looking for Emily, but her paternal grandparents hope that she will be found. Emily's case is currently unsolved.

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