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Seven-year-old Garnell was last seen in Baltimore, Maryland in August of 2002. He was residing with his aunt, Belinda Cash. One of Garnell's great-aunts, Trina Morton (who was 9 months pregnant at the time) recalls seeing him playing outside of Belinda's home.

Trina made arrangements for Garnell to visit her the next weekend, but she went into labor and couldn't see him & asked Belinda if she could reschedule the visit, but Belinda told her that it was an inconvenient time because she was in the process of moving. Garnell has not been seen or heard from since.

Garnell's parents never raised him; his mother is incarcerated and his father leads a transient lifestyle. During his early years, he lived with his paternal relatives in the 3700 block of Harlem Avenue located on the West side of Baltimore.

Belinda (who is childless) took Garnell into her home when he was 6 years old. The living arrangement was informal and she never had legal custody of him. Garnell was never enrolled in school and never came into any contact with social service agencies.

Garnell's relatives didn't realize that he had disappeared until June of 2005 when they found Belinda and asked where Garnell was. Belinda said that Garnell was away on a school field trip to Virginia, but school wasn't in session at the time and he wasn't an enrolled student.

Garnell's family contacted authorities, who interviewed Belinda, who stated that she no longer wanted to care for Garnell anymore, so she left him on the steps of a social services building in the 500 block of North Hilton Street near Edmundson Avenue located in West Baltimore.

During the police investigation, authorities discovered the address that Belinda gave them wasn't real. They searched the residence where Belinda resided in 2002 to see if Garnell was left behind there, but they didn't find any evidence as to his whereabouts. Belinda has no known history of child abuse and no significant criminal record.

The circumstances surrounding Garnell's disappearance is considered murky, but authorities don't believe that he has met with any harm, but they're concerned about Garnell's safety and want to verify his well-being.

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