Gina Dawn Brooks was last seen on August 5, 1989 in Fredericktown, Missouri. She was last seen in the neighborhood riding her ten-speed girls bicycle at about 10:00 p.m. She never returned home and was reported missing at 2:00 a.m. the next morning.

At the time Gina disappeared a light blue, green or gray Station wagon with a Missouri license plate was seen in the area. The driver was seen talking to her. Gina than got back on her bike and left. Later on, witnesses reported hearing a scream of "Help me!" and the sound of a vehicle driving off. Gina's bike was found abandoned later, but there was no sign of Gina at the scene and she hasn't been seen again.

Nathan D. 'Danny' Williams was charged with Gina's murder in 1999. Her remains have not been found however. According to a friend of Williams, Gina was buried in an abandoned meat freezer on his father's property, however extensive searches turned up nothing. Foul play is suspected in Gina's case.

Information has recently been handed over to a Missing Children's organization in hopes that they can get the case re-opened.

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