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Twelve-year-old Heather was staying with family friends, Dana Madden and Christopher Herbert, babysitting their 2-month-old baby in Richmond Heights, Virginia on July 15, 1999. She was at their apartment in the 1600 block of Yale Avenue during that night. Dana was at work and Christopher wasn't home.

A neighbor reported an unidentified male carrying Heather out of the apartment around 2:00am. She was wrapped in a blanket.

When police were called to the house at 5:00am that morning, they discovered a white floral comforter was missing along with Heather. The baby was in the apartment crying and Heather was nowhere to be seen.

A small amount of blood was found in the apartment which matches Heather. Police believes that Heather wasn't a victim of a random attack and she was abducted by someone who knew her family or the friends she was staying with.

There was evidence of an illegal methamphetamine lab in the Madden\Herbert residence and police believe Heather might've witnessed illegal drug activity and was abducted & possibly killed as a result.

In March of 2002, human remains were discovered that police thought belonged to Heather, but it wasn't. Police have a suspect, but they haven't named the suspect publicly.

In April of 2000 (nine months after Heather's disappearance), her mother, Christine Kullorn claims that Dana and Christopher know more about Heather's disappearance than they're telling. Christopher gave conflicting stories about his whereabouts when Heather went missing.

Christine Kullorn is active in her daughter's disappearance and believes Heather will come home safely. Foul play is suspected in Heather's case.

Heather was attending Blow Middle School in South St. Louis at the time of her disappearance.

Heather was wearing a dark-blue cutoff shirt with an emblem on it and green plaid shorts at the time of her disappearance. She shaved her eyebrows prior to her disappearance, her ears are multiply pierced and has a birthmark on her inner right thigh.

She is a mild diabetic and needs daily insulin injections to help regulate her condition and needs to test her blood sugar 4 times a day. Sugared food and water may sustain Heather for a short period of time if she doesn't have her insulin, but if she doesn't get medical attention, Heather will slip into a diabetic coma.

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