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7-year-old Jamal and his 8-year-old brother, Basil were dropped off by their stepmother to their mother, Tambra Ellis' apartment on 1700 block Clarkson Road in Richmond, Virginia on April 16, 1990. The boys were playing outside in the front yard around 2:30pm while Tambra was asleep inside after working the night shift the day before. Tambra woke up from her nap and looked for Jamal & Basil, but couldn't find them. After looking for the boys for 45 minutes, Tambra called the police. The boys never returned to the apartment.

Three days after the boys disappeared, authorities found Basil's body in a Chesterfield landfill which was 10 miles away from their home. He was bound, gagged, stabbed in the back twice, and his skull was fractured postmortem. Basil's killer put his remains in a plastic garbage bag and put it in a dumpster and from there, his body was taken to the landfill. There was no sign of Jamal at the scene and he hasn't been seen since.

After Basil's body was discovered, investigators detained Jamal and Basil's father, Everett Abdul'Fariq for three hours. Court documents indicated that authorities believed that the child was injured or killed inside his father's home. A search of Everett's property failed to provide any evidence to support the theory. Everett has never been implicated in connection with Basil's murder and Jamal's disappearance, but he denied a lie detector test, saying that it was contrary to his Muslim religious beliefs.

Jamal's parents have been ruled out in his disappearance and Basil's murder. Jamal has a scar on his left eyebrow, a mole on the temple above his left ear, and he had a small gap between his upper front teeth at the time of his disappearance. He was wearing a black Batman t-shirt, blue jeans, a gray & red fleece baseball jacket, and white sneakers on the day he disappeared. Jamal enjoyed pizza, watching & playing basketball, and watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles videos in 1990. Authorities believe it's possible that Jamal is still alive, but his case remains unsolved.