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Four-year-old Jamel was last seen by his mother on May 24, 1994 in Toledo, Ohio at approximately 11:00am on the rear steps of his mother's apartment. When his mother returned 5 minutes later, he was gone and has not been seen since.

Authorities say that Jamel's family has not cooperated with them and has hindered the investigation of Jamel's disappearance. His parents stated they were upset about being treated as suspects in his case.

Gary Thomas was Kelly's live-in boyfriend at the time of Jamel's disappearance and they later got married. The month after Jamel went missing, Thomas's cousin filed charges against him for domestic violence, aggravated menacing, criminal trespass and criminal damaging. His cousin said that Thomas became violent after she brought up Jamel's disappearance.

Thomas denied knowing anything about Jamel's disappearance and Kelly defended him, saying that he had always been good to Jamel. Kelly said she and her boyfriend were upset over being treated as suspects in the case.

Police say that there is no evidence that Jamel ever lived in his mother's apartment. The mother moved into the apartment building a month prior to his disappearance and nobody at the apartment building besides Jamel's mother reported ever seeing him. Jamel's case remains unsolved.

Jamel is biracial (of Caucasian\African-American descent) with dark blond hair and blue eyes.

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