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Four-year-old Jaquilla was last seen in bed at her great-grandmother's house in Wichita, Kansas at 12:30am on September 5, 2001. She was reported missing at 3:00 that morning and hasn't been seen since.

There were no signs of forced entry to the house, but the back door was broken at the time of Jaquilla's disappearance and wasn't locked.

Jaquila's little brother was removed from the home and placed in the custody of the Kansas Department of Social & Rehabilitation Services after she disappeared. He wasn't returned to his mother's custody until August of 2004.

The police aren't sure whether Jaquilla was abducted or not, but her mother believes she's still alive. Her case still remains unsolved.

Jaquilla's nickname is "Granny-Boo," she has a brown birthmark on her face, a scar on her upper right leg and her teeth are decayed. She was last seen wearing a knee-length floral nightshirt and tan hair barrettes.

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