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Seven-year-old Jeffrey Michael Bratcher was visiting his dad and stepmom in Ocean Shores, Washington on June 15, 1974. His mom in Texas had custody of him at the time and she brought Jeffrey & his siblings to Washington.

Jeffrey was playing with 5 other kids in a section of the park during the day and they were told that dinner would be prepared at 7:00pm, and they were supposed to return to the adults' area at that time. Jeffrey told the other kids he would take a different trail back to the picnic area when it was time for dinner and separated from the group. Jeffrey was never seen again.

An extensive police search of the park yielded a few clues as to what happened to Jeffrey. Search dogs may have located his scent leading up to the park's entrance, but it disappeared at the edge of the pavement.

Police believe that Jeffrey was either abducted or he fell into the ocean and swept out to sea. Jeffrey's case remains unsolved. Jeffrey has sandy brown hair and brown eyes. He was wearing a sailor's hat and plaid pants on the day he disappeared.

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