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Three-year-old Jennifer was last seen while she & her family were camping at a campground approximately 10 miles north of Moab, Utah on May 24, 1974. She was playing in the sand by the river with her parents and older brother when her dad went back to their camper to get something.

There was a dogfight while the dad was gone and Jennifer's mom & brother were watching the dogs with everyone else. With them distracted, Jennifer disappeared. She hasn't been heard from since.

Jennifer's parents don't recall anyone being at the campground, being interviewed about their daughter's disappearance. Many of the guests at the campground were transients who couldn't be found later.

There was an old car parked between the Kleins' camper and the river around the time Jennifer vanished. It's unknown if the car has anything to do with her disappearance.

It is possible that Jennifer fell into the river and drowned, but her body hasn't been found. Her case remains unsolved.

Jennifer was last seen wearing a swimsuit. She has light brown hair with a cowlick on the right side of her forehead, blue eyes, a birthmark possibly on the left side of her stomach, her navel protrudes and she has a mole on the front of her right ear.

Jennifer's nickname is "Jenny."