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One-year-old Jermaine's parents, Allan Mann Jr. and Lyneth Mann-Lewis had been married for three years when he was born.

Lyneth stated that her relationship with Allan fell apart after Jermaine was born and the couple divorced in 1986. A custody battle ensued which ended with Lyneth getting sole custody of Jermaine and Allan getting weekend visitation rights.

On June 24, 1987 (on Allan's birthday), Allan abducted Jermaine shortly before Lyneth was supposed to take him to Jamaica for a vacation. Lyneth dropped Jermaine off with Allan for a weekend visit in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and never saw them again.

A Canadian arrest warrant was issued for Allan the day he abducted Jermaine. It was first believed that Allan took Jermaine to his native Ghana, but evidence proved that it was unlikely.

An extensive investigation turned up no sign of either Jermaine or Allan. Allan and Jermaine are believed to be in the United States, possibly in the New York area.

Jermaine is of Jamaican and Ghanaian descent. He has a small birthmark on his left foot.

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