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Four-year-old Jessica or "Jessie" was last seen on June 5, 1986 in Lexington, South Carolina, sleeping in her bedroom with her two sisters.

An unknown intruder entered the Guiterrez mobile home sometime between 11:30 that evening and 9:00am the next morning. The intruder broke into the house through the living room window, removed the screen and curtains, took Jessica from the bedroom and left through the front door.

The next morning, the family discovered the crime scene and Jessica's disappearance. Jessica's 6-year-old sister, Rebecca said that Jessica had been taken by a "man with a magic hat." As an adult, Rebecca remembered that she saw a man take Jessica out of bed without waking her up. She was too scared by what she saw and didn't say anything until the next morning when Jessica was missing.

Jessica's mother believes her daughter was taken by a family friend. She found fibers in an abandoned car that she says were linked to Jessica. The car belonged to a 27-year-old family friend, who served time in prison for rape.

In 1987, the man told a fellow cellmate that he abducted a girl in Lexington County and would confess if he received immunity, but the immunity was denied and the man didn't speak again about the subject. Even though the man's fingerprint was found in Jessica's bedroom, he was not charged due to lack of evidence, but he is still the main suspect in Jessica's case.

Foul play is suspected in Jessica's case due to the circumstances involved.

Jessica has a small scar on her upper forehead, ear-piercing scars on both earlobes, a small brown birthmark on her right buttock and a wart on her left hand at the time of her disappearance. She was last seen wearing a pink & white t-shirt and panties.

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