Jonathan vanished as he walked from his babysitter's home to his to get video games. He was not wearing a coat on a 30 degree Houston,TX Christmas eve. It was 1:40PM. Jonathan is 12 years old. He is 4'7" tall and weighs just 85lbs. He was wearing a tan t-shirt with a guitar on it,blue jeans and white sneakers with a red stripe. He also has a visible overbite.An Amber Alert has just now been issued 3 days later. Law enforcement is very concerned that Jonathan may have met with foul play. Here is a link to a local news video about Jonathan.
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SAD UPDATE: The poor boy who had been abducted on Christmas Eve was found burnt in a ditch Tuesday.He was ID'd as Jonathan Wednesday evening. Jonathan's killer, a manager of the apartments where he lived, has been arrested. Her name is Mona Nelson. Police have found a mountain of evidence in an apartment as well surveillance footage of her car at the place where the child's body was discovered. She admitted she left his body but denies killing him. Nelson,a former boxer and armed robber, is charged with capitol murder in this case. She was sentenced with life in prison without the possibility of parole in 2013.

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