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8-Hour Old Kamiyah's mother, Shanara Mobley, delivered her at 5:00 a.m. on July 10, 1998 at the University Medical Center in Jacksonville, Florida.

Authorities believe that 33-Year Old Gloria Williams,who posed as a nurse abducted Kamiyah that afternoon.Gloria apparently befriended Shanara while she was admitted as a patient.

Investigators believe that Gloria passed herself off as a Mobley family member to hospital staff while continuing to assume the role of a medical professional when dealing with Shanara.

Gloria waited in the hospital for 14 hours, repeatedly asking nurses when the baby would be leaving the nursery. She was in Shanara's hospital room periodically from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. on July 10th after Kamiyah's birth.

She told Shanara that there was a problem with Kamiyah's temperature at approximately 3:00 p.m. and said that she would return with the infant in approximately 20 minutes. She apparently walked out of the University Medical Center with Kamiyah afterwards. Neither she nor the child have been seen again.

Gloria is described as being 25 and 47 years old. She is approximately 5'5 and 150 to 160 pounds. She has black hair and brown eyes.Gloria was wearing a black mushroom-style wig, reading glasses, a nurses' flower-print jacket, teal medical pants, black shoes and surgical gloves. She was carrying a large-sized black vinyl or leather bag.

Gloria also wore a plastic identification badge with the rear side facing upward, which was similar in size to the official the University Medical Center badges. Authorities stated that Gloria seemed to have knowledge of the center's building layout and was also familiar with medical terminology.

Kamiyah's father, Craig Aiken, was in jail at the time of Kamiyah's disappearance. He was charged with lewd assault because when Kamiyah was conceived because Shanara was only 16 years old and unable to legally consent to sexual intercourse. Aiken was 19 when his daughter was abducted; Shanara had just turned 16.

Shanara sued the hospital after Kamiyah's abduction and was given a $1.5 million settlement. She has since had three more children.

Kamiyah and Gloria have Since been located Between Late 2016 And Early 2017. Shanara and Craig have not been very cooperative with police in the investigation. Neither of their families are actively helping to find Kamiyah and Craig & Shanara have refused to give permission for age-progression pictures to be done of the baby. Her case is open but inactive due to lack of leads.

Authorities believe that Kamiyah Is Still Alive Somewhere But Doesn't Know Her Real Identity.Between Late 2016 And Early 2017,Police Ran Into 18-Year Old Alexis Manigo,Who They Say Is Really Kamiyah Mobley.On June 8,2018,Gloria Has Been Sentenced To 18 Years In Prison.She Will Be Released On July 9,2034.

Kamiyah has black hair and brown eyes. Her name is pronounced "KAH-mi-yah." She had an umbilical hernia at birth; her navel extended approximately three-quarters of an inch when she was undisturbed, but would increase to 3 inches when she laughed or cried.

Kamiyah was also born with Mongolian spots near her buttocks as a result of delivery and resembled bruises. The spots usually fade within 6 to 8 months after delivery. She was last seen wearing a white t-shirt and a diaper, wrapped in a white receiving blanket with pink and blue stripes.

Shanara tested positive for sickle cell anemia and strep type B while pregnant with Kamiyah. The baby did not receive her infant metabolic screening by the time of her abduction, so Kamiyah was in need of medical attention at the time she was last seen.

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