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Four-year-old Katheryne's mother, Frances Moya told the police that she last saw Katheryne at approximately 5:30am on January 8, 1994 at their home at the Wood's Edge apartment complex in Riviera Beach, Florida on Military Trail, north of Blue Heron Boulevard.

During that time, Frances had left for work and left Katheryne in the care of her former live-in boyfriend, Misbah Muhammad Kazi (who is not Katheryne's biological father).

Frances stated that when she came home later that day, Kazi told her that he sent Katheryne to his native country, Bangladesh.

Kazi claimed that he wouldn't allow Katheryne to come back to the United States until Frances agreed to give him full custody of Frances' unborn child.

At the time, Frances was 8 months pregnant with a daughter and she was planning on ending her relationship with Kazi due to having problems for years and that Kazi had mistreated Frances & Katheryne.

In 1992, Frances sought an injunction against Kazi for domestic violence. The police believe that Kazi abducted Katheryne in an attempt to force Frances to give up her rights to her unborn daughter.

Kazi was charged with kidnapping Katheryne, but he was acquitted during the trial. Kazi's attorney stated that Frances had sent Katheryne away into hiding in a spiteful attempt to frame Kazi for kidnapping. Kazi remains the prime suspect in Katheryne's disappearance.

After Kazi's trial ended, he started harassing Frances by phone, insinuating that he would reveal where Katheryne is, but he has never divulged her whereabouts.

Frances believes that Kazi's sister (who lived in the United States in 1994, but was later deported) is involved in Katheryne's abduction, but she was never charged. The sister was one of the key witnesses in Kazi's kidnapping trial, but she recanted her statement, saying that she had last seen Katheryne with Kazi.

Currently, Kazi is serving a life sentence in California for attempting to kill his pregnant fiance with a hammer and leaving her for dead in 1995.

Despite receiving numerous deals by prosecutors, Kazi has continued to refuse to cooperate with police about Katheryne's case, but he has offered to produce proof that Katheryne is alive, but hasn't done so.

Frances now lives in New York and hopes that Katheryne will be returned to her. Katheryne's case remains open and authorities believe that she is still alive and living in the United States.

Katheryne has a nickel-sized brown birthmark on the right hamstring of her leg. She has pierced ears and was last seen wearing a purple & white t-shirt with "Barney" on it and underpants.