Kevin Lamont McClam

Fourteen-year-old Kevin was last seen at 1:00 a.m. on March 30, 1997 at his family's residence in Goose Creek, South Carolina, located in the Charleston Naval Weapons Station; in 1997, his family was in the U.S. Navy in 1997.

Kevin was playing video games with his younger sister that night. When Kevin's mother came home, they spoke for awhile and his sister & mother went to bed. Kevin said he would stay up and play more video games.

When Kevin's family members woke up, he had disappeared and has never been heard from since.

Two days after he went missing, Kevin's clothing was found at a nearby construction site. The articles of clothing were separated by about five or ten feet along the road. There was no sign of him at the scene.

Witnesses reported seeing a person who matched Kevin's description walking along a dirt road near the construction site during the afternoon hours of March 30, 1997. The individual was wearing only sneakers and boxer shorts, and appeared to be alone and was not under duress.

Kevin's mom says it is uncharacteristic of Kevin to leave without warning; he never missed a meal and always returned home by dark.

In 1997, Kevin was an eighth-grader at Marrington Middle School. He was a good student who was well-liked by teachers, didn't use drugs and played basketball.

Kevin's mom believes that he possibly snuck out of his house to meet his friends the night he vanished, but all of Kevin's friends deny having seen him on the night he went missing. There was no sign of forced entry to Kevin's home and no indications of any struggle.

In early 2006, authorities announced they were investigating Kevin's case as a homicide due to new forensic evidence and new tips from the public. An unsuccessful search for his remains was conducted in the Goose Creek area in October.

In December of 2006, authorities publicly named a suspect in Kevin's presumed murder: Thomas McCardle, who is presently incarcerated on unrelated robbery charges. Another man named Michael Moorcroft, bragged about how he and McCardle had killed Kevin; both men would have been in their teens at the time of Kevin's disappearance.

Moorcroft (who has not been charged with any wrongdoing related to Kevin's disappearance) claims he only made up the story. Cadaver dogs alerted authorities to the possible scent of human remains located under a shed at Moorcroft's childhood home, but when police dug up the yard, they found nothing of interest.

Kevin was born in Indianapolis, Indiana. His family moved out of South Carolina in 1998 and currently reside in Georgia.

As of 2019, Kevin's case remains unsolved.


Kevin is described as an African-American male with black hair & brown eyes, is 5'7 & 140 pounds. He was last seen wearing a long-sleeved brown & white-striped shirt, long white pants, and black & white Nike shoes.

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