Kienan is a 3 year old Sparwood,BC boy who taken by Randall Hopley, 46 On Sept. 7,2011. .Hopley is a sex offender who had set up a chilling lair to keep kids in another family's cabin in Alberta and yet is still out awaiting trial. Alberta despite this and the fact they are 20 miles away has declined to issue an Amber Alert. They sad it will be looked into. HU! Just issue the alert! Ferry's have even been turned around to searched because at least BC has an Amber Alert. "We're 100 per cent optimistic that we'll get him back and we're 100 per cent sure we'll get him back in an alive state," the emotional father said when he spoke briefly with reporters Thursday evening. "As time prolongs, we'll see where that takes us. We have to be optimistic." He said the family has already been down a long road with their son Caleb, who has undergone three heart surgeries.

"Now with Kienan it's the same feeling. A life-and-death scenario and we're just taking it moment by moment." The Heberts have eight children ranging in age from two to 23. They moved from Peace River, Alta., about four months ago." from article:


UPDATE: From the article linked below: On Sunday morning, a day after the parents made an emotional appeal for their son's safe return, the child was found apparently unharmed asleep on an armchair in the living room. Police said they suspected that Hopley had brought him back. After the manhunt was extended to the neighbouring province of Alberta, police found Hopley on Tuesday morning at a remote industrial site. Kienan's father, Paul Hebert, told Canadian media: "We're happy for the community, relieved for the community." Hopley has a string of criminal convictions and was jailed in 1985 for a sexual assault. In 2008 he was imprisoned after breaking into a house in Sparwood and attempting to snatch a child.

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