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Two-year-old Kimberly was last seen on April 3, 1987 in Orangeburg County, South Carolina with her 32-year-old mother Sarah Boyd and Sarah's friend, 31-year-old Linda McCord.

The three of them attended a gospel concert in Waltersboro, South Carolina. They were driving through Dorchester County, South Carolina back home to Orangeburg County when they disappeared.

A witness saw their car driving between 30 and 45 miles per hour around Route 15 and another car was behind it, but the witness was unable to describe the second car or the driver.

Sarah's husband, Phillip Boyd returned home from work at midnight and was unconcerned about his wife and daughter's absence because he thought they were with Linda or other relatives, but when they failed to return home by 6:00am the next day, Phillip called the police.

The car that the Boyds and Linda McCord were traveling in was found disabled and abandoned in Dorchester County near the intersection of Highway 15 and 176 on April 5, 1987. Phillip found the car, but there was no sign of them at the scene and they've never been heard from again.

In 1990, (three years after their disappearance), Sarah's credit card was used in a local mall. Police stated that the signature was barely legible and didn't match Sarah's handwriting.

The identity of the credit card user has never been identified and foul play is suspected in Linda McCord and the Boyds' disappearances. They have not been located since.