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During the morning hours of October 19, 1994 in Columbia, Missouri, thirteen-year-old Kristina said goodbye to her sister & a friend, then left from her family's residence to walk to school.

A witness observed a four-door vehicle stop along her street and watched as Kristina spoke to the male driver. Kristina and the man talked with each other for a few moments, then she got inside the car and they drove away.

Kristina never arrived for her classes at Jefferson Junior High School and has not been seen since. She ran away from home once before after getting into a fight with her mom; however, she and her mom weren't arguing on the day she went missing.

She may have been accompanied by a 22-year-old male when she disappeared in 1994.

Kristina's case was originally classified as a runaway, but authorities aren't sure whether she left of her own accord and she is now listed as an endangered missing child.

As of 2018, her disappearance remains unsolved. Kristina's nickname is Kris.


Kristina is described as a Caucasian female with brown hair (with reddish/auburn highlights) & brown eyes, weighs between 100-115 pounds with a height of either 5'6 - 5'7. She has pierced ears and a gap between her upper front teeth. She is also right-handed.

Kristina was last seen possibly wearing a white shirt, a blue jean jacket and pink sneakers; she was also carrying a backpack with books in it at the time of her disappearance.