Friday June 4th, 2010 searchers culled from police agencies statewide, in addition to the FBI, were pursuing tips Saturday and still searching around Skyline Elementary School after a student didn't return home Friday afternoon.

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7-year-old Kyron Horman was last seen early in the day at the school, 11536 NW Skyline Blvd., during a science fair. The above is respectfully snipped from an article on Kyron. Kyron is 7 years old is 3'8" tall and weighs just 50lbs. He wears eyeglasses as well. Kyron has brown hair and brown eyes. He is such a tiny boy. I'd like to thank Chris Cone for sharing his case with me on my missing kids Facebook page.

If you have information please call the Tip Line: 503-261-2847



Skyline Elementary (Kyron's School)

June 16 -- Summer vacation begins for students


Terri failed her initial polygraph, walked out of a second and waited more than a week before agreeing to a third. Kaine, Desiree and Tony Young all took polygraphs and are believed to have passed. - this is all according to Kaine [1]


This timeline for Friday June 4th 2010 ONLY

  • Kyron's biological mother Desiree and her husband were in Medford, Oregon 4 hours away.
  • 7:45AM Kaine leaves in the red Mustang because Terri has requested the white F250 Ford pickup so that she can bring Kyron’s science fair project home from school.
  • 8:00AM school opens
  • 8:01 AM TH plays Family Feud game on Facebook according to some reports
  • 8:15 AM Gina Zimmerman, president of the school PTA, arrives and sees Kyron with his stepmother in front of his exhibit.
  • 8:45 TH says this is the last time she saw Kyron (waving good-bye to him as he walks to his classroom). Terri leaves without the science project contrary to why she drove the white pickup this day.
  • 8:45 as the bell rang, children were to report to their rooms to be divided up into groups to tour the science fair.
  • between 8:45 and 10:10AM Terri runs errands and can prove that [2]
  • 8:46 Terri is playing Treasure Isle on Facebook according to some accounts [3]
  • Sometime between 8AM and 9AM Skyline seventh-grader T.K., whose science fair project was on antimatter. “I just saw him (Kyron) in the gym, and I saw the truck out in the parking lot,” he said Wednesday. T.K. said Kyron was looking at other students’ science fair projects, seemed happy and was with friends. He saw him without Terri Horman.[4]
  • 9:00AM Law Enforcement believe TH left school around 9:00AM
  • (time not released) a friend of Kyron's sees him alone and Kyron says 'I'm going downstairs to see an electric exhibit'
  • 9:15AM and 9:45AM tipster "Chas" sees white truck near Logie Trail Rd
  • 10Am regular classes start at Skyline Elementary (delayed because of science fair)
  • Between 10:10 in the morning and 11:39 Terri claims she drove her infant daughter around on rural roads in the family's white truck to soothe the baby who had an earache [5]
  • 11:30AM a friend of Terri's, DeDe Spicher, is unreachable by phone for about 90 minutes but says she did not leave the farm where she was working [6]
  • 11:39 a.m., Terri checks in at a 24-hour Fitness in Beaverton on Waterhouse Avenue. she leaves at 12:40 p.m.[7]
  • 1 :00PM TH returns home according to Law Enforcement
  • 1:00PM talent show begins at school - Kyron was supposed to perform
  • 1:21 PM TH uploads pics of Kyron to Facebook and says that she emailed Kyron's teacher to ask when she could pick up the science project [8]
  • 1:45 PM Kaine: "I was in the office that day until about 1:45, and arrived back home a little after 2 p.m. Terri was already in the house, on her laptop, when I arrived. I kissed (baby) K, grabbed some food, and worked from my home office until about 3:30, at which time I put shoes on (baby) K and we started walking toward the bus stop."[9]
  • 2PM Kaine returns home to find Terri working on laptop in her gym clothes [10]
  • 3PM A white truck driven by a lady was seen by Jim Kelley and his neighbor Fri at 3 pm and Sat at 2 am near his home off of Cornelius Pass
  • 3:20 Terri is playing a game on Facebook according to some accounts [11]
  • 3:30PM TH goes to meet school bus, Kyron Missing
  • 3:46PM Skyline secretary Susun Hall calls 911

Timeline for Kyron Horman's parents

  • 2000...Desiree and Kaine married
  • 2001 - marriage soured, separation in the works.
  • January, 2002 - Desiree becomes pregnant - try again at marriage
  • Kaine Horman acknowledged to "Dateline NBC" that he'd had an affair with Terri when Desiree was eight months pregnant with Kyron. [12]
  • August 2002 Desiree 8 months pregnant, files for divorce.
  • '2002 'September 9th, - Kyron is born.
  • 2003 - Kaine & Desiree officially divorce. Kyron lives with Desiree (shared custody)
  • One month after divorce - Desiree fears Kaine will "remove our children from their residence". Restraining order issued with orders that neither parent can take children away. (source: WW)
  • 2004 - Desiree goes to Canada for treatment of a life-threatening kidney failure.* 2004 - Kaine brought in Terri and son to care for Kyron. (corrected via statement bio mom made about not knowing Terri).
  • 2004 - After two months, Desiree returns from Canada with $30,000 in medical bills and moves in with parents so she can get back on her feet.*
  • 2004 Terri is back in school and earns her master’s in education at Pacific University in Forest Grove.
  • 2005 Terri places 4th in the over-35 category for women in the Emerald Cup of bodybuilding.
  • 2005 - TH DUI conviction, her son, then 11, was in the vehicle
  • 2007 April - Terri and Kaine marry in Kauai
  • 2008 October 24, 2008, court records show Kristian Scott Horman, Kaine’s biological brother, invited a 15-year-old girl and another child into his bed while his girlfriend was out of town. While they were in bed Kristian massaged the teen’s back and then touched her crotch area.
  • 2009 - Baby girl born to Kaine and Terri
  • 2009 Kristian Horman was arraigned on the alleged child molestation case in Seattle, Washington.
  • March, 2010 - Terri's teenage son sent to live with grandparents.
  • June 4, 2010 'Friday Kyron is missing'
  • June 16th 2010, Kristian Horman, Kyron’s uncle, is found guilty of 3rd degree child molestation. He was taken into custody June 16 and is now serving a 6-month sentence at the Snohomish County Jail.
  • June 26, 2010 - Kaine and baby girl move out
  • June 28th - Kaine files for divorce and RO to protect baby girl from Terri.
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