Linda was abducted on August 10, 1968 from Melbourne, Australia. She was days from her 8th birthday (August 22). She is believed to have been taken by Derek Percy a notorious child killer in Australia. In August 41 years after her abduction an inquest will begin to see if there is enough evidence to charge him with her abduction and murder. Linda or her remains have never been found. Her sister Karen just wants him to tell where her body is so she may bury her sister so she may rest. I am posting this on behalf of her sister who asked me to post her on my site when she saw that as of the new year I am now including kids from Australia, UK, and Ireland on Kidmissing and on here as well. On the right is the last picture of Linda ever taken. I would like to thank her sister for the use of the picture. Also here is a link to her sister's site for her and a Facebook page to keep Percy in prison. [1] [2]


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