Five-year-old Logan Nathaniel Bowman was reportedly last seen at home on January 7, 2003, but his mother, Cynthia Lee Davis did not report him missing until January 23rd (over two weeks after his disappearance). She could not explain the reasons for the delay.

A month after Logan's disappearance, Cynthia was charged with child endangerment. Logan was scalded on his legs, feet, groin and buttocks before his disappearance and Cynthia never took him to a doctor.

Her boyfriend, Dennis "Danny" Schermerhorn was also charged in connection with the incident. Authorities stated that Danny gave conflicting statements about Logan's case.

Teachers at Logan's school stated that they noticed bruises on his body in December, but didn't report this until after he disappeared.

Logan's father last saw his son at Christmas in 2002. He had weekend visitation rights, but Cynthia and Danny would not permit him to see Logan after Christmas, saying that he was sick.

Logan's father is not considered a suspect in his son's disappearance. Danny and Cynthia only reported him missing after his father threatened to call the police himself.

In April of 2003, Cynthia and Danny were indicted on two counts each of child neglect. The first count relates to their failure to seek medical attention for Logan's burns. The second count was for failure to report him missing for two weeks. In July of that year, they were charged additionally with felony murder.

Cynthia pleaded guilty to the charges and was sentenced to 15 years in prison and 20 years probation. She testified against Danny. She claimed that Logan was severely scalded in the bathtub on or about January 7th and she wanted to take him to a hospital, but Danny told her to calm herself first.

Cynthia fell asleep and when she woke up, Logan was gone. Danny told her that he had taken Logan to his mother, a nurse. She says that she never saw her son again. Danny says it was Cynthia who left with Logan and later returned without him. He stated he believed that Cynthia had sold her son.

In May of 2004, a judge dismissed the murder charge and one of the child neglect charges against Schmermerhorn, citing lack of evidence. Prosecutors were counting on Cynthia's evidence to convict him, but her testimony was self-serving and inconsistent.

Cynthia has told five different stories about the events of January 7th, and on the witness stand she said she thought Logan might be still alive.

Danny Schmermerhorn was convicted of one count of child neglect and sentenced to a year in jail.

Logan's body has never been found, but foul play is suspected in his disappearance due to the circumstances involved.

Logan has blond hair and blue eyes. He has decayed teeth, a healing fracture in his left arm and fresh burns to his feet, legs, buttocks & genitals at the time of his disappearance.

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