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Nine-year-old Marcos was last seen leaving his home in a trailer park in Northwest Miami, Florida on May 11, 1994. His mother told authorities that after they had an argument, she threatened to punish him. Marcos' mother told him to take a shower and instead, he walked out the door.

Marcos was upset at the time of his disappearance because his mother hit his stepfather. He left a note behind saying he was leaving home because of that incident. He is considered endangered missing, and the Florida law enforcement has an outstanding dependency pick-up order issued for him.

Marcos has never been heard from again. He is of African-American and Mexican descent. He was last seen wearing a red t-shirt, jeans, a diamond earring in the left ear, and no socks or shoes. He has an appendectomy scar on his stomach and a scar on his left ankle. He had a scratch on his left cheek at the time of his disappearance.

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