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Eight-year-old Christy was last seen at the Greenacres Grocery (now called Belk's General Store) in Greenacres City, Florida on May 27, 1984. The grocery store is located just 400 yards from her home. She went to the store to purchase cat food and left at approximately 3:00pm. Christy has not been seen since.

There were three suspects in Christy's case:

The first suspect, Willis Rambo lived near Christy's house with his brother and Christy had visited his home several times.

After Christy went missing, Willis and his brother were charged with molesting Christy's 6-year-old best friend. Currently, Willis is serving a prison sentence for molesting his stepddaughters. There is no evidence connecting him to Christy's disappearance.

The second suspect, Victor George Wonyete Jr. also lived near Christy's house and was reportedly seen at the grocery store the day Christy disappeared. He also attended a party in her neighborhood. Victor has a criminal record and convictions for sexual assault & other various offenses. He has been imprisoned since 1992 for burglary. Victor claims that he never met Christy and maintains his innocence in her case.

The third suspect, Delbert Mosher was considered a suspect in 2010. He used to live in the area where Christy lived and was arrested 3 times for child molestation, but he died in a Tennessee prison 20 years after Christy went missing.

In 2009, a former friend of Christy's told the police that she was raped in a park bathroom the day Christy disappeared and Christy came in to help her. Before the woman passed out, she saw her assailant holding Christy in a headlock.

The woman and her friend were able to work with a sketch artist to produce images of the assailant. The assailant has never been identified and the woman's friend cast doubt on the story; she stated that the attack did not happen the day Christy went missing and in fact, she herself was the other girl involved.

Authorities are investigating the women's accounts. Foul play is suspected in Christy's case and her case remains unsolved.

Christy is hearing impaired with a slight speech impediment. She was last seen wearing a turquoise bodysuit with no socks or shoes. Her teeth are crooked and she has a strawberry birthmark on the right side of her back.

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