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Eight-year-old Christy was last seen on May 27, 1984 at the Greenacres Grocery (now called Belk's General Store) in Greenacres, Florida to purchase cat food. She left the store at approximately 3:00 p.m. and has not been seen since.

Her sister realized that Christy was missing after waking up at 8:30 p.m. After waiting for 30 minutes, she woke up their mother and told her what happened. After Christy went missing, her turquoise bodysuit was discovered in a swampy wooded area near her home.

Willis and Chuck Rambo were considered suspects and were charged with molesting Christy's 6-year-old best friend after she went missing. Although the Rambo brothers were charged with what happened to Christy's friend, they were not charged in connection with Christy's disappearance.

Two more suspects, Victor George Woynete Jr. and Delbert Mosher were also considered suspects in Christy's disappearance; however, they were also not charged in connection with Christy's disappearance.

Another suspect, Victor George Wonyete Jr. (who has a criminal record for sexual assault and other various offenses) lived near Christy's house and was reportedly seen at the grocery store the day Christy went missing; however, he claims that he never met Christy and maintains his innocence in her case.

Foul play is suspected in Christy's case and as of 2021, her case remains unsolved.

Christy is hearing impaired with a slight speech impediment. She was last seen wearing a turquoise bodysuit with no socks or shoes. Her teeth are crooked and she has a strawberry birthmark on the right side of her back.