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[[File:ImagesCA4ERWTM.jpg|thumb|316px|right|Sketch Composite of Marlene Santana]] Marlene Santana was last seen in New York City, NY on October 21, 1985. She was abducted at gunpoint by a female suspect at 9: 30 pm. A sketch composite is shown to depict what Marlene may look like. Real photographs of Santana are unavailable.
==Vitual Statics==
Marlene is a Hispanic Female. She has brown hair, brown eyes. She has a foot deformity called a metatartus adduction; her feet will appear C - shaped if viewed from the bottom. Santana was three days old when she dissapeared. She was born on October 18, 1985. Her Height and Weight is 1'8, 7 pounds. The child was wrapped in a blue, pink and yellow swaddling blanket at the time of her abuction.

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