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Sixteen-year-old Maurice left his home in Fort Lauderdale, Florida on November 30, 1983 to attend basketball practice at Dillard High School where he attended school. It's been established that Maurice arrived at the Franklin Park basketball court that day, but he never made it to practice.

Two teenage girls reported seeing Maurice being forced into an Oldsmobile by two unidentified African-American males, but this hasn't been confirmed.

Maurice hasn't been seen since. He left his wallet, money, and ID at his grandma's house. At the time of his disappearance, he lived back and forth between his grandmother's home and his mother's home in Alabama. Maurice's grandma still lives in the same house she used to share with Maurice and has kept the same phone number.

Maurice was involved in various activities in 1983. He was a choir boy at the Piney Grove First Baptist Church, played junior varsity basketball, ran track and was a Junior ROTC Cadet. He had aspirations of becoming a doctor.

Due to police procedures at the time of Maurice's disappearance, police didn't search for him three days after he went missing. His case remains unsolved.

In 2009, a documentary filmmaker announced her intention to make a film about Maurice's disapperance.

Maurice's nickname is "Red" and his hair changes color with the weather and may appear orange on hot days. He is very bowlegged and has a mole on the top of his right ear along with two warts on his right wrist at the time of his disappearance. He was last seen wearing a t-shirt, short pants, and tennis shoes.

There were never any leads on Maurice's case and his family even hired a private investigator, but it turned up nothing.

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