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2-year-old Megan was last seen on April 30, 1980 in St. Ignatius, Montana during the early afternoon hours.

She was playing in the unfenced yard of her home which was located in a remote wooded area of St. Ignatius. Megan disappeared while her mother was inside the house doing chores and hasn't been seen since.

Investigators believe that Megan wasn't abducted. Neighbors didn't see any strangers or suspicious vehicles in the area and there was only one road leading up to the house back in 1980.

Authorities believe that Megan may have wandered off and either drowned in a nearby stream or was attacked by a wild animal.

After Megan disappeared, it rained and snowed in the area for ten days and if Megan was exposed to the elements, she couldn't have survived for very long.

A search of the St. Ignatius area showed no whereabouts to where Megan might be.

Megan's parents were divorced and her father lived in Colorado, but came back to Montana to help look for her and believes that Megan may have been abducted by a family who wanted to raise a child and didn't know she was missing.

Her mother worked as a nanny for a family in exchange for room and board for herself and her kids.

Megan's case is classified as a non-family abduction due to lack of evidence in her case. She has brown hair and blue eyes. It's unknown what she was wearing on the day she disappeared.

If you have any information about Megan's case, contact the Lake County Sheriff's office at (406) 883-2121.