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Twelve-year-old Melissa was last seen in her hometown of Rancho Cordova, California on December 1, 1993. She had an argument with her mother at around 11:00pm that night and angrily left the house.

At 3:00am the next day, Melissa was seen sitting on a car hood in an apartment complex parking lot on White Rock Road. The area around the White Rock Road complex was a frequent spot for pimps and drug dealers in 1993 and was considered very dangerous.

Melissa's parents are divorced. She lived with her dad & two older siblings in Sacramento, California in 1993, but moved in with her mom & little brother a month before she went missing.

Melissa has a history of running away after an argument, but she always returned. She was close to her brother and he says that she wouldn't have been gone this long without contacting him and she called her grandma everyday.

Her brother says that there were some suspicious people near Melissa's apartment days prior to her disappearance and believes they might be involved in her case, but nobody has been charged with connection in her disappearance and there are no suspects.

Melissa is missing under suspicious circumstances and foul play is suspected in her case. She was last seen wearing a black Chicago Bulls jacket, black pants and black low-top Nike shoes. Her hair was permed at the time of her disappearance and she also has a homemade tattoo of a heart encircling the letter "M" near the thumb of one of her hands.